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Posture of Patience: Questions to Check Your Soul’s Focus & Hope

by | Apr 22, 2022

Hey friends – Just a quick update, word of encouragement, and a prayer request for you…

I’m really humbled and blessed to be sharing this weekend as a keynote speaker at the Network 220 convention in Atlanta along with some amazing communicators like John Lynch, Ralph Harris, Andrew Farley, Tracey Levinson, and several more. Tracey and I are also teaming up to lead a workshop of living incarnationally as Christ lives through us. 

Greatly appreciate your prayer for me as I prep and share these talks and for everyone in attendance. I’ll also be leading a commissioning for new ministers and handing off my board membership after many years. So exciting stuff! It’s always an amazing gathering of like-minded, grace-based friends and speakers, that is good for my soul.  

In the midst of all this, we’ve had quite a few personal setbacks – family illness, friends’ newly grieving the loss of a family member, some unexpected visitors we love, but hadn’t planned for, and of course trying to get ready for this weekend.  As I boarded my first flight today, I felt God speaking the word “patience” to my soul. So I’m trying to assume a posture of patience as He works ahead of me and within me.

What might a posture of patience – deliberately embracing the pause and anticipating the grace by embracing the selah of His sufficiency for the present moment look like for you this weekend? I’d like to take advantage of my fight for focus upon Him in the hurry of this week to encourage you – ask Abba what He is up to in the midst of the struggles or chaos of your moments today.

Here’s three quick questions to check your soul’s focus and hope:

1.    Is God working on fixing your circumstance or inviting you to just trust Him first, before He moves in the externals.

2.    What might He be doing in the people and relationships near you that your deliberate hope in Him might inspire or comfort?

3.    Are you okay in Christ regardless how the hustle or havoc of your situation might evolve and resolve – is He enough by grace within regardless?

Hopefully those will edify you as they do me moving into all He is up to in us and around us this weekend.

“We are ok in Him in it all.” – MDQ

Finally – and I just don’t say this nearly enough – thank you. Thanks for those who are praying for me and the thousands we reach with Christ Life truth and freedom each week. Thanks for those who have already stepped up to partner with me in this work God has given us on our website that God uses to make this ministry together possible. And thanks for tuning in. This is the “why” of my life – God’s revelation and expression of grace within you. So grateful you are here and that I get to share a nugget, a day, a talk, a Christ-confident hope, and more with each of you.

How can I be praying for you in the week ahead? Enjoy God enjoying you today, and I’ll chat with you all again soon!

ridiculously graced…

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