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“Saints, you are freer than you know, more loved than you know, more empowered than you know, and God is not working to fix your behavior, but to fix your hope on Christ as your source of Life much greater than you know.” – MQD

Awakening Souls to the Indwelling Life of Christ by Grace.

It is such an honor for me to get to meet with you and speak at your event or with your group, leadership team, retreat, or church. Can’t wait to hear more about your event and how God might use our time together. I have an amazing group of people who will pour over and pray for your event details, and keep me on track for all you’re doing. Simply share about your event here…

Mike has a heart for the GOOD NEWS and is one of our times great communicators about the scandalous grace of our God.

Steve M.

San Antonio, TX

A few of the heroes of grace who we’ve worked with…

Some amazing ministries have allowed us to serve their teams and share what it means to live from Christ as Life in pulpits, at conferences & retreats, for leadership teams, small group leaders, and more!

Christ is Life Ministries
SCOPE International
Andrew Farley Ministries
john lynch
faith bible church

Our Values

God is at work.

Our job is not to do for Him as much as to participate in what He desires and has designed us to allow Him to do through us.

Every obstacle is based on a lying belief.

Truth sets us free. When we know the lies we believe, we can do the relational work that God loves to bring deeper trust and intimacy which leads to greater liberty.

Faith Lets; Grace Lives

Our faith is not what we do for God, but what we LET Him do by grace. Galatians 2:20 shows Paul depending on Christ’s activity, not causing, earning, directing, or accomplishing what only Christ can do – LIFE – through him.

Beauty matters

God cares about goodness. All the beauty and goodness in the word is from Him, and everything that’s from Him is beautiful. The more we recognize the beauty of God and from God, the more we experience humanity as we are designed to and the more we get to participate in it.

Value begets value.

We are willing to spend on something of value. What God has purchased – us – has great value to Him. Naturally, what He then does with us will be a joy to us and value to Him and others. Value is another word for love.

Rest is busy.

Dependent and available means busy at rest. When we look to Christ and let Him live, He does the work through us but uses us to do it. We become His instruments, vacating the work He then occupies with us!