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“What is true of Christ by merit is true of you by grace.”

– Mike Q. Daniel

International Speaker

International Speaker

Sharing the practical reality of Christ as life in pulpits, discipleship conference, staff, and elder training, with mission teams and small groups around the world.

Mike Q Daniel

Ministry Coach

Mike comes alongside the strategic discipleship & personal development of a few leaders each year, having coached and training with some of the largest corporations and churches in America.

Mike Q Daniel

Inspirational Teacher

Practical discipleship and equipping in relationship with Christ from a clear and consistent New Covenant perspective from the whole of Scripture.

Meet Mike Q. Daniel

After several years of leadership development & executive coaching in the corporate sector, and then serving two pastorates, Mike Q. Daniel launched a charitable organization sharing Christ as Life truth with pastors, churches, missionaries, and pretty much anyone who would listen around the world.

Today, Mike writes and speaks of Christ’s finished work and our identity in Him as a missionary of Christ as Life to mega-churches & church plants, home groups, and in the mission field. He is a frequent speaker and board member for Network 220 (formerly Association of Exchanged Life Ministries) and shares the Gospel from his home in the Texas Hill Country with his wife Stacia, daughter Ashleigh, & dog, CS Lewis (Lewie).

Mike Q Daniel

“A Gift of God”

“I have never heard anyone who is able to interpret scripture from a grace perspective better than Mike does! Often I just have to say to myself, “Wow, how did he see these truths and applications in a familiar scripture passage that I never would have seen!” He enriches the Word for me. His teachings encourage, challenge, and inspire me. Mike’s ministry truly is a gift of God!”

– Marilyn Williams in San Antonio, TX

“A Deeper Grace Journey”

“Mike is a truly God-gifted minister of Jesus and His wondrous grace! God brought us together when I was in the depths of grief over the passing of my wife. He has been there with the truth of Christ for me and has lead me into a deeper grace journey. Mike has been and continues to be a great blessing in my life in Christ!”

– Mark Holley in Dallas, TX

“Jesus Christ is the Way we walk relationally with God, to relationally know Christ as the Truth that sets us free, and ultimately know Christ AS Life experientially for ourselves. Jesus IS the Life. Everything else is just context.” 

- Mike Q. Daniel

Latest Encouraging Word

How to Respond to Evil (after Uvalde shooting)

How to Respond to Evil (after Uvalde shooting)

Evil is not winning. God is wooing. You have sufficiency in Him. This wold is not our home. He is loving people out of the faux life of quasi hope in temporal things to a true and eternal hope in the Life of Christ. Every temporal tragedy – every blow of the enemy – awakens us to the limitations of this life and reminds us of our real home and hope in Him.

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Where Is the Rest for REAL?

Where Is the Rest for REAL?

Today will have weighty burdens. To do lists, undesirable tasks, deadlines, traffic, relational hurdles, unmet needs and desires for self and for others… to say the day has a lot of drag working against you as you move forward in your relationship with Christ is an understatement! It’ll feel like carrying an anvil, or running through a swimming pool with an open parachute behind you. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

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The Tender & Uncondemning Leading of God’s Spirit

Did you notice the contrast?  I’m Christ Jesus, you are uncondemnable, but instead led by the Spirit as God’s child. The Spirit of God never condemns a believer for sin, but is convincing us by His love and trustworthiness of who we are as God’s reborn new creation in Christ. He’s not making you feel worse so you will try harder, but making you feel loved, despite our stumbling, so you will trust Him more.

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