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Be encouraged and CHOOSE GRATITUDE today!

by | Feb 25, 2022

Believer – Be encouraged and CHOOSE GRATITUDE today! God’s sovereignty is greater than your setbacks, His faithfulness is greater than your failures, His union is undaunted by your fleshy rebellion, His eternal depth is far greater than your temporal shallowness, and His grace is oh so much greater than your sin. 

Your Life in Christ is not derailed by your waywardness, but secure in His faithfulness! His life in you made manifest in His love far exceeds any stumble or slight. Your Father simply wants more for you than living for and from emptiness, and He will raise you up in His fullness which is already yours by the indwelling Life of Christ.

We already have peace with God by the grace in which you now stand (Rom. 5:1-2). You, you. Right now. Stand – by grace.

God is more than okay, and He has made you more than okay in Christ. As you grow up in Him you often feel increasingly okay because of all He is and all you have by grace. And Saints – He is not wrong today about who you are and your security, significance, and sufficiency in His Son.

ridiculously graced…


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