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Getting to Good

by | Mar 18, 2022

In Philippians 4:8 Paul says “Finally, brothers, whatever is true…Think on such things.” 

What does it mean to think on whatever is true? The Greek word “alethes” is “a-” (meaning “not”) plus “lanthanos” (meaning “hidden”).  So, that which is true is literally what is un-hidden. Meaning it has been revealed. What is true is something that God reveals!

When Jesus said, “I AM the truth“ He used a specific form of the word: “ALETHEIA” which means “what is true in any matter under consideration.”  Jesus is saying He is always what is true.

In other words, that which is revealed – true – is always Christ who is The Truth!

This is huge!  Life-changing!

Jesus is always The Truth being revealed/uncovered – to us!

Whatever your circumstances today, God is in the revelation business, and what He is always revealing is Christ, and His purpose for His glory is fulfilled by Christ IN YOU! 

All of which is to say: God’s work today has one, single, ultimate purpose: to reveal Christ as life within you.

This is the Secret no longer hidden; this is the Life we are called to and given. This is the Hope we are to walk in by grace. 

Saints – What is TRUE is what’s revealed, and what is revealed is ALWAYS Jesus. Where He is living from and through and transforming the world to the glory of God by His grace is within you. Your Father wants you to see Christ – to make Him known – within you today.

Let Him!

And my friend… Absolutely, think about such things.

ridiculously graced…


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