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Holiness is not your behavior, but God’s indwelling presence.

by | Mar 3, 2022

The Jerusalem temple was holy, the ark of the covenant was holy, the tent of tabernacle in the desert was holy, all because of His divine presence.


My friends – holiness is not a list of tasks to accomplish or avoid. Holiness is a characteristic of the indwelling Christ within you!


A holy lifestyle does nothing to add to your intimacy with God which Christ has already fully established by grace. The purpose of a lifestyle of holiness is to give testimony to the nature of Christ and the power of His Life within you!


Today, there is no more of Christ for you to gain than what you already have in full. There is nothing to gain from our Heavenly Father that is not already fully ours in Christ!


Letting Christ live through you – by His power, His sufficiency, His love – is the path for you not to gain, but to give of Him as you walk in the relationship grace alone affords you.


You, Saint – are His holy dwelling place.


Enjoy His life expressed in all His security, significance, sufficiency, love, and holiness within you today!


– Mike Q Daniel

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