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How Can I Experience Deeper Fellowship with God?

by | Aug 16, 2021

How Can I Experience Deeper Fellowship with God?

My friend, Kristine recently asked if I had any tips for experiencing a deeper communion with God. I certainly understand that desire! It gets so tricky for us at times, because like a child wanting to grow up, it’s not as much something we do as something we walk through in relationship with God through our circumstances over time.

Of course, we can’t get any closer to God than union in Christ which is already ours by grace if we have believed on Him, but coming to know Him more (Phil 3:10-14) and enjoying intimacy with Him as we grow in grace is something that changes as we trust Him more.

Think of experiencing intimacy with God as a result of 1) being increasingly more vulnerable and authentic with Him (and honest with yourself) being met by 2) His faithfulness and unconditional love.

This vulnerability-meeting-acceptance and affection is not quick. (Not what I’d call a “tip”!). It’s not a pill-popping solution. It takes time, revelation, patience, and maturity. Praise God we START the process perfectly okay and healthy in Christ, so we lose nothing by slowly growing in our relationship with Him.

Today, I’m no more married than the day Stacia and I said “I do”, but we have matured and grown together in the years since in a way I never have adequately described. Likewise, our relationship with Abba doesn’t change, but our intimacy grows as our trust meets His trustworthiness.

Solitude is hard and easily becomes performance-oriented, but time with Him, choosing to trust Him as our Source whenever the Spirit makes us aware of the opportunity, focus upon Christ throughout our day, and challenging our lying beliefs as He directs is just part of growing up with Him.

In term as if practice, I can share a couple of ideas, but PLEASE keep in mind that as soon as we try to do anything to cause God’s activity or closeness, we’ve missed the point. Instead, think of these like dating ideas, ways to enjoy and grow in relationship with Jesus:

  1. Of course, reading and meditating on God’s word helps AS it becomes personal to us – put yourself in the place of those you read about. How does it feel, what would you see and hear? What changes for you as the woman caught in adultery or Peter being hoisted back in the boat?
  2. Prayer is wonderful, but too often is just a one-way conversation. Ask God questions. Take a walk with Him and share observations. Work to make your relationship a little more shared and see if He doesn’t share more with you in the process. Don’t worry about time or quantity of anything. There’s nothing to measure, but Abba Himself to enjoy.
  3. Lastly, keep engaging healthy grace community. Others’ faith, experiences, challenges, and questions keep us returning to a focus on Christ as Life, too. Rightly focused leaders and fellowshippers move us forward in believing God according to the truth, which is 90% of the intimacy process.

Friend – Christ is in you now, one with you already, okay with exactly who you are. Increasingly believing Him, looking to Him and being reaffirmed again and again in Him heightens our trust and vulnerability over time. Trust Him with that process, but also be more aware and participate in the process as you are able. He’s got this so you don’t really have to.

What questions do you have about intimacy with God or all we have by grace already in Christ? When have you most enjoyed your relationship with Him?

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