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How Do We Make the Most of this Life?

by | Aug 23, 2021

1032 minutes.

That’s what the average person has of awake time in the US today.

What will you do with them? WHOSE minutes will they be? Who gets to determine how each of those are used?

INVEST your temporal minutes in eternal return: Walk with God. Enjoy Him. Be quick to see His activity and be quickened by a His prompting.

How do you invest the temporal in eternal – not by seizing time/day that’s evil and fleeting, but seizing grace! Taking hold of that for which Christ has taken hold of you! (Phil 3).

He has made you to be the object of Hos love and recipient of His grace. He’s made you as the perfect Rockport BIF His gifts and then made His gifts perfectly for you.

You’ve heard of Carpe Diem – seize the day? Forget it. The day is fleeting like sand through your fingers. Instead, embrace the grace: Carpe Charis! Take hold of eternity in each passing moment by seizing His grace and living from the eternal reality of Christ in you in the here and now.

Carpe Charis!! Seize grace!

3 Ideas to Embrace Grace in our Day to Day:

  1. Practice gratitude!

    Name three things you are grateful for from today so far. Tiny or tremendous, doesn’t matter. It’s the practice the counts.


Grace is receiving what you cannot earn but Christ can merit in your behalf. And receiving a gift as a gift comes with gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize grace in the moment, but recognizing it after it’s received looks a whole lot like thankfulness.

  1. Anticipate grace!

    What’s ahead today that God may show you grace – relationships, sunsets, unique opportunities, ministry He’s doing with you, love He will express to you and through you? Faith is the Christ-confident assurance of grace. You don’t get to manipulate His activity to be or produce what you want, but you know He working and you know He loves you, so expect to see what only God’s grace can achieve.
  2. Finally, Relate to Grace – HIMSELF!.

    Grace is not a thing we get, but a Person we’ve got. Walking deliberately with Jesus into your day, being reminded of His very real presence within you, asking Him what He would have you see, know, or receive in circumstances. Engaging relationally with Jesus as the object of our faith is absolute best way to live as the recipient of His grace. It’s Him. He’s “God with us”, and it simply doesn’t get any better than that.

There’s lots of other ways to seize grace, but these are three warmups for every single day – gratitude, anticipation, relationship. It’s getting our grace glasses on to see life more as it really is in Him, with Him, and from Him.

Nothing you do with your minutes can create more minutes. At the end of every 60-second moment, there will be forever one less minute to spend. So, use them for eternal glory by engaging every single one of them in His grace.

I believe that.

The moment is passing, but eternity is now yours forever Don’t live with a fear of loss live with a purpose of seizing grace by walking in gratitude.

Carpe Charis!!

Question: “What are you grateful for today, and what can you be grateful for in each threshold you pass in the day ahead with HIM who is Grace within us?”(SHARE in the Comments!)

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