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How does God REALLY see you?

by | Aug 21, 2022

Does God see you as righteous in Christ? Or holy? Or worthy? Or blameless and uncondemned?
The truth is that the message of grace – the Gospel – has absolutely nothing to do with how God sees you. Grace has everything to do with how He has actually made you. You are completely new in Christ!
Paul wrote to Corinth:
 “Anyone who is in Christ IS a new creation [not seen as if they’re a new creation]; the old is gone. The new is come.” 
(2 Corinthians 5:17)

The “new” that has come is not a new view in Christ, but a new you in Christ.

When God looks at you, He does not see Jesus instead of you. He sees the new you, with Christ as your source and indwelling life! Too often we hear inferred that grace means God pretends you are something you are not, or sees something besides the real you when He looks at you. But, my friend, you have been reborn in Christ Jesus. He’s made you exactly who He wants you to be by grace. He wouldn’t have you any other way than exactly who you are. He’s excited for you to grow into maturity in your experience and expression of all the fullness of His righteousness and holiness already yours in Christ!!

Consider this – if God sees you as remade, a new creation in Christ, and you see yourself according to your behavior, only one of you is wrong. Guess which one. God is not wrong about who you are.

God doesn’t see you as someone He wishes you were. He sees you as you truly are in Christ by grace. Yes, by grace, but still true. He isn’t lying to Himself about who you are. He isn’t fooled by the flesh into thinking you are someone else. You are His by birth, not behavior.

Saint – God doesn’t SEE you as new, but has made you new in Christ. He doesn’t see you as holy, or close, or righteous, or worthy, or blameless. He has MADE you all this in more in Christ. Jesus Christ is your source by grace, but all this and more is none-the-less true of you in Him. Trust Him. Walk according to His grace as the new you by His indwelling Life.

Enjoy God enjoying you today — the real, beloved, fully justified, abounding in grace, complete-in-Jesus, new creation you.

Ridiculously graced…

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