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How does living from Christ make life ALL right today?

by | Feb 16, 2022

The couple across the coffee shop has had a heated discussion. She’s been hurt. He feels accused. They both feel misunderstood. The whole place is watching. They’re hurting. I’m praying. They glimpse a compassionate smile and there’s a moment of calm.

Their needs are the same as us all – just like you and me: love, acceptance, belonging, justification, significance, security… but do they know where those needs can be met? Do they know how they are meant to be filled and overflowing? Or do they just know the sting of someone taking? The exhaustion of fighting for value? The fear of scraping for to feel safe?

When our pursuit is not just what we need, but how we want that need met – what we want from a specific person or circumstance to provide – because we deserve it, or we are threatened, or being valued isn’t enough,we need it from THEM – we are always disappointed.

God can use everyone, but we are were never meant to look to them as our source.

When we look to Christ as our Source, we really can overflow from His love and protection and empowerment and significance into every circumstance. Our hearts can pour out to one another because they are needful of and fulfilled by God. His love can be expressed through us so much more deeply than anyone can produce for themselves.

You, child of God, are deeply loved. Right now. More than you know. You are secure in Him. You are cherished more than you’ve ever hoped you might be. You are His desire and pursuit and passion – His pearl of great price. Can you receive that?

You’re His Pearl.

…of GREAT price.

You are completely right with Him. He knows you’re right. You’re His. It’s perfect.

My prayer is that as you begin a new week, you will see today as one more step in God’s fulfillment of all He has for you in Christ. …That you will see Him as the Answer to every question. …That the Spirit of illumination will free your mind to the Truth of His “enoughness” in every circumstance, and you will have the Spring of Living Water flow through you in a way that exalts Him above your hope of any other source today.


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