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How loved are you?

by | Sep 27, 2021

What great love the father lavished upon us; I John 3:1

Are you ever dumbfounded by God’s favor? Ever stupefied by His ridiculous grace? There is no explaining it! There is no justification apart from His divine character.

The only way to reconcile such grace – as astounding as it always is – is to realize He is richer in kindness than you have ever known, yet He WANTS you to know Him more! The INFINITE God and Creator of the heavens and the earth is revealing Himself in FINITE people and circumstances. He’s expanding our mind and our capacity to receive His infinite love packaged in the incarnate person of Christ Himself! Who can comprehend such lofty things?

Oh God, let us know how loved and alive we are in Christ today! Can there be any greater call for our lives or desire in our hearts than to know You and Your love? Overwhelm us by the eclipsing reality of Your love, sufficiency, and power toward us whom you choose to call your own. Thank you, Father. Thank you.

Question: “When you look at Christ and His work on the cross do you feel more or less loved than when you look at your effort for Him?  What then will you focus on today?”

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