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Need a Bit of Grace Amidst Your Messiness?

by | Nov 16, 2021


I praise God that my hope and eternal life are not based on my faithfulness, but His. My wayward flesh can renounce Him ten thousand times a day as so many moments are lived for and from the world and worldliness, but His faithfulness never falters.

My union with Him is unwavering. As often as we may try to let go of Him He never fails to have a firm hold upon us. My unbelief and fear, my selfishness and materialism, my heart for everything but Him never changes His heart for me.

My infantile messiness

does not for a moment

undermine that I am His child.

Father – I praise You for Your steadfastness in both Your heart for and hold of me. Thank You that what You have done – which I have received – is not undone by my inconsistency, but maintained and sealed in Your Spirit by Your eternality, never undermined by my temporal reality.

Thank You for your eternally gracious grip upon my life.

“…if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself”. – 2 Timothy 2:13


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