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They will not understand.

by | Jun 11, 2022

Not Alone.

They will not understand.
One will say it’s not worth it. Another will ask why. Others will say it cannot be done. Some will be more concerned about the cost to you than amazed at Christ within you. Bring them along when you can, but move forward.
There will be resistance.
You will hurt. You will question. You will not know which way to go or how to proceed. There will at times be no good choice. There will be a cost. Greater is He within you than the resistance against you. He is able if you are willing.
…but my friend, let not what Father has placed on your heart pass lightly. He will make a way. Maybe this week you make a plan, start, adjust as necessary. Restart when you must.
Run with perseverance the race He has laid out before you. Go! Start! Move forward today fixed upon the living Christ within you.
My friend – you are a Vine-dweller, living from connection in Christ. Seize His grace for what cannot be reaped from this temporal life, which is everything. And then from Him by grace, take the heart you have in Him and move forward in boldness with all He calls you to.
[Share in the comments: what God has put on your heart to do that only He can accomplish as you move forward in Christ-confident hope?]


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