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Welcome to the Blog & “Enjoy Being the Object of Divine Love!”

by | Aug 6, 2021

Happy Friday, Saints! Welcome to the Real Grace Life Blog! This is the perfect place to pour a cup of java, and hangout awhile with Jesus. This post is just a test as we set up the blog, but soon this will be replaced with devotional articles and discipleship resources from Mike Q. Daniel Ministries several times each week, so stay tuned and subscribe on the home page to get key updates and weekly encouragement!

Until then here’s a key idea for you to meditate on. God didn’t create the world for anything He lacked, but being in His very nature love, He created the world so that you could be the object of His love. His love demands He create that which is not Him so that He has something to whom to give Himself away.

Imagine it! God of love, creating something “not God” so that He could give Himself sacrificial AS God to us. And as we are changed into His likeness, guess what we become? Yep – Givers of love. Conduits of grace. Agents of His Life. Portals of an unknowable light and life in a dark and dead place apart from Him.

Today, He doesn’t want more from you, but to give His Life to you and to give it through you by His love to everyone you encounter today. Trust Him. Be available, and enjoy Him enjoy you!

Ridiculously graced…


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