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What if obedience under grace is simply love?

by | May 4, 2022

People are often confused about the nature of obedience – whether with regard to sin or with regard to religious activity or anything else – when they discover the grace of God and the finished work of Christ really is sufficient for all God requires.

The reality is that obedience – like righteousness – is relational not behavioral. It is trust born of true love affecting activity, NOT activity out of compulsion or fear in the hope of reward or avoiding punishment.

>> Obedience is not what we do for what we want from God, but how we respond in love and trust for all we have received from God. It’s not barter for favor, but overflowing from His Life! <<

Let the Spirit give you spiritual eyes to see the truth of obedience: since we love Him, we are joyful to operate from His Life and direction who loves us so. It is what we want in our relationship with Abba Father. He loves by provision and direction and we live by receiving and following. It is exactly how loving family works perfectly together!

ridiculously graced…
– mike

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