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Where’s the Gap in Christian Creative Content?

by | Sep 19, 2022

As I look at popular online resources and what’s available from Christian content providers, I find two issues:

1) The best content is practical and addressing real issues about being productive and successful, but completely devoid of a real Christian, much less New Covenant, worldview.

2) Christian content providers are mostly recycling content from sermons, books, or resources for sell. And almost none are from a Christ Life grid.

Neither of these categories of content are true, relational discipleship.

So my goal is bring a practical and refreshing view of making the most of the Life God is leading us in while elevating our thinking around Christ’s finished work by grace in and through every believer.

This first blog post is kind of a test of behind-the-scenes resources I’m hoping to use in this fresh direction is part of the brand new “Aroma Newsletter” resource we are moving toward. So, stay tuned, know Christ, grow in grace, and let’s go love others like crazy!

Share in the comments: Do you have a favorite youtube channel, newsletter, or blog you’d love to see share Christ Life content in a similar format or topics?

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