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Your TRUE Battle Today

by | Oct 12, 2021

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities of the air…” -Paul to Corinth

Of course we shouldn’t be surprised when the accuser of our soul rallies more attack as God’s work abounds increasingly to more Fruit in our lives, should we?

Actually, I’m surprised I’m still so surprised when it comes!

Consider the obvious contrast we so often miss:

  • God is working on unity: the enemy is working on division.
  • God is seeking authentic fellowship: the enemy, isolation.
  • God is pursuing Christ-centered living; while the enemy pursues self-absorption and self-interest and self-sourced living.

My friends, God is not working to defeat the enemy; He already has. God is allowing us to participate in one another’s lives and even uses the flesh, the enemy, and the world to plow the ground for us to sow seeds of His Life into one another.  In other words – the absolute worst the enemy can do, God can use to remind us who we really are and what’s most important in how we interact with others.

Paul’s quote above is followed by a very powerful statement: “We are destroying speculation and every lofty idea raised up against our knowledge of God.” (2 Corinthians 10)

Where the enemy uses speculation and sows doubt and causes accusation and disunity, grace by contrast empowers love for our enemies and the calming hope of a Christ-confident assurance in Him.  As we learn what God is about – affirming our identity in Christ and the sufficiency of His grace – we increasingly distinguish His leading from the lies of the enemy to condemn, isolate, belittle, divide, and embitter God’s family.

Let’s work to walk in that grace, enter that rest, abide in that hope, and share in that love together today.

Carpe Charis, friends. Embrace grace. 

-Mike Q. Daniel

Share in the comments: “What is one way you can discern the enemy’s typical lies to you about your identity from God’s affirming love of who you are already in Christ by grace?”

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