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Christian visionaries need coaches.

Coaching is the perfect process for discipleship in Christ AS Life FOR Life. We all grow. up as spiritual beings. Coaching a process with a set of tools to help one person come alongside another to encourage that growth along with the most effective (or nearly) path possible.. We all look for solutions to life’s obstacles, to accomplish our ailing, to know Christ more, and make a difference. But amidst all the solutions the world offers, Jesus really is the answer. I have a huge vision for ministry in 2020, so I cannot help many people in one-on-one coaching.

The good news about wherever you are as a leader, a spouse, a disciple, a pastor or teacher, an employer a small group leader, etc. is you don’t have to stay there. The good news of grace is that in Christ you’ve arrived. The disconnect is not what you lack or where you need to go or what you must accomplish, but are you willing to receive His revelation of His FULLNESS, embrace His hope and direction, and walk in His Life by faith as you grow in His grace?
I will only take on 2-3 coaching clients in 2020. So, It will be cost-prohibitive for most because I won’t take time from the ministry endeavors unless it helps fund ministry projects.. I understand the cost really might not seem worth it for many. But just maybe it is the next best step from where you’ve been to where He leads you next, to the experience of wholeness, breakthrough, perspective, and transformation only He can reveal? Let me know you’re interested…

“Highly Recommend”

With an excellent understanding of the depths of God’s grace, Mike Q. Daniel brings the truths of the scriptures and the understanding of the sufficiency of Christ in view. He is passionate about personal growth in Jesus Christ for himself and his audience. The relational work of the cross and resurrection are at the helm of his teaching and discussions. I highly recommend him for people that need understanding between religion and true life … in the grace, love and sufficiency of Jesus Christ! – Walter S.

Grace Life Coaching with Mike may be for you.

We have huge ideas and limited time, Human and financial capital but want to leverage resources wisely, steward God’s gifts, and embrace His fullness in life. Authentic connections, valuable progress, personal growth.

Real Grace Life at the very least must mean embracing God’s design and opportunity to exceed by grace what we can hope or imagine of the flesh. A deep and sincere walk with God. a profound impact on the people and projects most important to you.

If you are ready to overcome obstacles that have always held you back and to do the spiritual and soulical work of growing in your understanding of and availability to Christ’s revelation of your true identity, empowerment, and calling…

Groups’ Reviews:

“In just a few weeks working with Mike, I and my team discovered the huge gap between God’s vision vs. man’s vision,. That was a huge difference-maker as a leader and organization.”

“The reality of Mike’s “maturity continuum” of truth, growth, identity, and impact. made it okay that we were in different places and gave clarity what it meant for each team member and the organization to move forward. And we did.

Individuals’ Reviews:

“[Mike and I] had some tough discussions. It became clear that I was faking it to myself, my team, and my family. Mike took me by the shoulders and led me out of it so I could lead others with authenticity. Prayer became real. Marriage became real. Scripture got real. It became clear and relational, and I could be myself everywhere, probably for the first time.”

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